We’ve got even more spoilers, and one of them is Kessig Wolf Run; obviously for Werewolves, this is what I assume will be called the tribal lands, meaning there will be a blue/black, black/red, green/white and blue/white tribal lands to go with the other tribes in the set. Less exciting than fetches, but we’ve got another 2 sets in the block for them. This also leaves us with one space for land, meaning they’ll most likely reprint terramorphic expanse or evolving wilds, as neither of them were in M12. However, on the actually discussion of this land, it can either tap for a colorless, or for XRG and tap, target creatures gets +X/+0 and trample until end of turn. It’s not bad, and doesn’t state that it’s specifically for werewolves, so it could see some play, but not likely.

Another rare, Champion of the Parish is a Human Soldier that gets a +1/+1 counter every time a Human enters the battlefield under your control. A 1/1 for 1 white that gets bigger seems good to me, I’m hoping to pull a few.

This is a curse I can actually get behind; whenever a creature deals combat damage to the enchanted player, it gets a +1/+1 counter. So Stromkirk Noble would be getting 2 +1/+1 counters instead of his 1, and creatures that don’t get any get them now. For only 1R, it’s a decent card.

Undead Alchemist is a zombie-mindcrank on a stick that makes more zombies when their creatures are killed. Undead Alchemist is not worth it, as it mills instead of damage, not in addition to like mindcrank. While he does make lots of zombies, he won’t see play in standard UB Zombies if it’s going to be competitive.

This card makes it look really easy to be happy when you don’t have a face. Anyway, for 1B, you get +1/+1 and B: Regenerate this creature. It’s a decent card for a common, it’ll see some limited play.

You can’t have horror without spiders coming from absolutely nowhere. For 5 mana, it’s a little expensive for standard, but it could see some limited play, especially with the enemy flashback cost, green and black isn’t going to be uncommon for draft. For 5 mana (4G) you get a 1/2 green spider with reach for each creature in your graveyard. As this is a graveyard set, that isn’t too difficult to do. And flashback 6B lets you do it again later; no complaints there.