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Pretty Sure Everyone Called This

If you would draw a card while your library has no cards in it, you win the game instead. He’s not exactly expensive to drop, he’s only 2U. He is a 2/2 though, so it wouldn’t be surprising to go to win and get dismembered before you win the game and lose; it’s a hilarious win-condition, but I feel that disruption could catch up with him too fast.

Blue gets some ramp! Deranged Assistant for 1U gives you a 1/1 that can tap to mill yourself 1 and add 1 to your mana pool. Not as good as birds, which adds 1 of anyway, but one mana is always helpful. As a common, he isn’t bad.

Avacyn’s Pilgrim is basically a 1/1 green Plains. He gives us 1 white for his tap, and costs 1 green to play. I was hoping when they made something like this, he’d provide either green or white, not just white, but still, not a bad common.


Palinchron – Urza’s Legacy Rare

Palinchron, Urza's Legacy Rare - Magic the Gathering

For this review, we’re going a considerable way back in time, all the way back to Urza’s Legacy. Palinchron is a terrible card by himself; he needs help to create infinite mana combos. High Tide (with at least 7 islands) or Extraplanar Lens both accomplish this goal; tapping out and sneaking him into play with something that puts him into play for less than his mana cost (such as Quicksilver Amulet, which is also in Urza’s Legacy itself) can also accomplish this. His Bounce ability is what makes him able to go infinite, but I’ll cover that in my article tomorrow, going over not one but two of Palinchron’s infinite combos.

Angels and Spirits – More Spoilers

Slightly less impressive than Garruk is Mindshrieker, an alright rare. 1U for a 1/1 flyer, it’s ability actually isn’t bad; 2 for target player puts the top card of his or her library into his or her graveyard, and then Mindshrieker gets +X/+X, where X is the milled card’s converted mana cost. I like this guy, honestly. Seeing as 2 isn’t bad for 1 mill without a tap, hitting enough decent cards could make this flyer quite a threat in sealed or draft.

We haven’t seen much of spirits out of the set so far; nothing decent, at least. However, this card’s returning of spirits from your graveyard is mandatory, so don’t use it with Dearly Departed. However, a 4/4 for 4W that returns spirits isn’t bad, but it depends on what other spirits are released in Innistrad.


Not a difficult card to translate, this is Invisible Stalker, an interesting little card. For 1U, you get a 1/1 Hexproof who’s also unblockable. It’s a decent little card, being a little more dangerous in draft than Tormented Soul as it’s also hexproof and will continuously poke your opponent for the one damage. As a hexproof, you’ll still be able to give it Wreath of Geists, so this unblockable could get there.


Apparently more spoilers are appearing, and these are actually cards I’m interested in, so here we go.

This guy just looks really bad ass. I’m not exactly sure if he needs to be a mythic rare, but a 6/6 flyer for 3BBB isn’t too bad. As he’s a demon, he has to be bad ass. He gives us another card with Morbid; at the beginning of each end step, if a creature died this turn, destroy target non-Demon creature. Now, as it’s a non-Demon creature, he won’t accidentally blow himself up. But the downside to his Morbid ability is the fact it’s mandatory. So if you’re not playing straight demons (which could happen, there’s a lot more cards in Innistrad) you might be destroying your own creatures if your opponent is out. However, I think he has a place; any Birthing Pod deck with black. Morbid is one of the greatest benefits that deck could take advantage of if the morbid abilities are good, and this is a fair enough one-of in Pod.

Mentor of the Meek is actually a pretty cool card. Star City Games is pre-ordering this card for 3 bucks a piece, meaning someone sees some promise in this guy. a 2W 2/2, he lets you draw a card when a creature with power 2 or less enters the battlefield if you pay 1 mana. Honestly, this guy’s pretty good. He could see play in Puresteel, letting you draw 2 for your living weapons (such as flayer husk and mortarpod). And, of course, other Mentor of the Meeks. Not to mention he’s a 2/2 himself, he’s not a wimp. All in all, he’s a good card.

Silent Departure is… well, unsummon. It’s unsummon with a flashback cost. A really, really expensive flashback cost for an unsummon. I’d rather play vapor snag, at least it does 1 damage.

Land Ho! Hinterland Harbor Revealed!

A moment after I upload Clifftop Retreat, I see this on mtgsalvation’s spoiler page:

The 3rd of the enemy dual lands to be revealed, Hinterland Harbor is our G/U dual land from Innistrad.

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