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M15 Story Implications!

M15 has a lot of people riled up about the story line. Now that the whole set is out, I figure I should talk a little about the implications this set has on the future of the Magic story line.

The core set usually has things from all kind of planes of existence, but this particular set pulls some interesting things together.

Avaycn was an Angel created by Sorin Markov to protect his homeland of Innistrad, and looked a lot like this:


I believe we have some story implications to deal with.


Innistrad is clearly still important – aside from just being a set that sold very well. Selfless Cathar was a servant of Avaycn, and Hushwing Gryff is also from Gavony, a province of Innistrad.



Not only that, but the new black mythic Soul of Innistrad is obviously another mention of the plane.


Being black obviously doesn’t have a huge implication on the plane – Mark Rosewater himself already said that it makes sense due to being a dark plane.

obnixilisunshackled obnixilisthefallen

Zendikar is also showing up a lot in this set – Ob Nixilis, UnshackledNissa, Worldwaker and Soul of Zendikar are all obvious, but Zendikar isn’t the only plane.


The entire Soul cycle refers to lands that don’t seem all that connected.

souloftheros soul-of-ravnica soulofinnistrad soulofshandalar soul-of-zendikarsoulofnewphyrexia

While these are from recent blocks (aside from Shandalar), there are plenty of other cards from other planes.


Darksteel Citadel is a location on Mirrodin (now New Phyrexia).


Convoke, the returning mechanic, was the Selesyna mechanic from the original Ravnica: City of the Guilds. And speaking of Ravnica, the new Jace is being referred to as Jace, the Living Guildpact.


It isn’t just recent planes that are being referred to now, however.


Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth is the resting place of the original King of Machines – the leader of the original Phyrexians. Urborg was one of the first parts of Dominaria to fall under Phyrexian control.

Similiarly, all of the reprinted painlands are locations on the Dominarian continent of Terisiare.

shivanreef1 llanowarwastes1 cavesofkoilos yavimayacoast battlefieldforge


We know that the next block is Khans of Tarkir, but we don’t know what block will be after that. Perhaps some kind of interplanar war is incoming?

Only time will tell.

Until next time.


PS: If you guys want me to go more into the lore of Magic, I’d love to have a discussion going on about this, but no one uses the comment system that we have. If you want to, comment in the comments below, even if it’s just to say the comment system sucks.(Elspeth For the Win approves of this statement, but would like to point out at least you don’t have to make an account any more… sorry about that!)


aggressive mining

It isn’t surprising to see that Markus “Notch” Persson designed a card that had to do with mining – seeing as he created the mining power-house that is Minecraft.

Aggressive Mining is 3R for an enchantment that keeps you from playing lands.

Not exactly a fantastic draw back on an enchantment, but the plus side is that you can sacrifice a land to draw 2 cards, but only once per turn. Luckily, you can have more than one of these in play.

In mono-red, I can see this card being a bit of a problem. Red doesn’t have a way to remove enchantments, let alone one that prevents you from playing any of your lands. However, in a multi-color deck, you can sacrifice some of your lands to draw into a removal spell that lets you get rid of your own enchantments.

On the other hand, the draw back may not really matter after a certain point, You’ll eventually hit a point where you no longer need your mana base (unless you’re playing (Soul of Shandalar) and just need to draw for more answers.

Overall, it’s a decent card, and I’m glad to see that Notch designed a cool card for casual players, and maybe a little bit more may come out of this card in time.

Until next time,




Soul of New Phyrexia is a card I didn’t expect – while we had the other two spirits at the time spoiled (Soul of Zendikar and Soul of Ravnica), I was expecting it to be a 5 card cycle, one of each color.

And then we see this fantastic monstrosity taking up a colorless spot in the cycle.

Soul of New Phyrexia is 6 colorless for a 6/6 Avatar artifact creature with trample.

Right there already makes me love this card – being an artifact gives it a ton of versatility, and being colorless makes it playable enough to play in any colors. In addition, we have already seen the success of Wurmcoil Engine in Standard and Modern – the card is fantastic at the same card slot.

Now, we get to it’s “Soul” effect:

5: Permanents you control gain indestructible until end of turn.

Right there is pretty fantastic, as at 5 mana it can easily make itself indestructible along with all of your other permanents, and is very easy to sink mana into as it doesn’t have the colored requirements of the other spirits, allowing it to be playing in multi-color decks as well.

5, Exile this card from your graveyards: permanents you control gain indestructible until end of turn.

And also fantastic. An ability usable out of the graveyard to catch your opponents off guard is fantastic in any situation.

I’m excited to play this in my Commander decks, and I feel that it’ll be a lot of fun to drop on the table time after time.

Until next time,



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