Liliana of the Veil has been announced, and it is glorious. The +1 ability isn’t fantastic, causing both players to discard a card, and neither is her -2, which causes target player to sacrifice a creature. Now, with the graveyard mechanics of Innistrad, the +1 on this card could be very useful here if there’s actually more exposed cards that actually work out of the graveyard. It’s possible this will see play outside of Standard with Dredging; seeing as you have no problem milling yourself in Dredge, you also don’t have a problem discarding your big creatures to Reanimate. Her -6 might as well read that your opponent enters scoop phase. You separate all of your opponent’s permanents into two piles, then your opponent chooses which pile to keep. As it’s all permanents and not non-land permanents, you’re destroying their mana base, too, regardless of which pile they choose, if you do it right. This is all with 3 loyalty on a 1BB planeswalker, the same converted mana cost and starting loyalty as Jace Beleren. It’s a huge step up from Liliana Vess. I’m definitely picking up a playset of these.

However, Liliana wasn’t the only card spoiled.

Kruin Outlaw is a 2/2 First Striking Human Rogue Werewolf for 1RR, who isn’t bad by herself, but when she transforms you get Terror of Kruin Pass, a 3/3 Double Strike that prevents your Werewolves from being blocked except by two or more creatures. The way werewolves work together by making each other better (as seen with this card and Mayor of Avabruck) reminds me a bit of slivers, albeit not in every color. However, Terror of Kruin Pass is a great card as far as werewolves go, and I hope it actually finds a place in Standard.

Our last spoilers here is Fiend Hunter,  a 1/3 Journey to Nowhere on a stick for 1WW. He’s not terrible, but easier to kill than Journey to Nowhere for the same amount of mana as an Oblivion Ring. It’s possible he’ll see play with Venser, the Sojourner, but it’s unlikely. Fiend Hunter may be decent in draft, but I don’t see it having a lot of play in Standard.