During the prereleases for M15, there will be a side event, where players will fight against Garruk the Slayer.

Clearly, this card will not be released in the set – he doesn’t even have a mana cost (though a 0 drop planeswalker starting at 20 loyalty would be pretty fantastic). This solely for the side events at release.

He’s a player that can 0 to make a 2/2 green wolf token, or +4 to give a wolf +1/+0 and deathtouch until end of turn.

His minuses are actually very powerful. His -10 destroys any creature, and then he gains loyalty equal to that creatures toughness. This balances out the heavy cost, making it not as detrimental to kill a single creature as you gain part of the 10 you spent back. His -25 destroys all creatures Garruk doesn’t control.

Very, very cool.

I really like the concept – it’s already very similar to the horde decks from Theros block, and this is a really cool concept.

Plus, this guy is supposed to be at every release:


So, this should be fun.

Credit to Gathering Magic for writing about this, too – just spreading the word!

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