Looking through the spoilers on http://mtgsalvation.com/innistrad-spoiler.html, I noticed something; Isolated Chapel is #242/264, but Sulfur Falls is #248/264, and Clifftop Retreat is 238/264 while Ghost Quarter is 240/264.

What does it mean? Due to the way that sets are ordered, the non-basic lands are all in the same place. So there’s 6 unaccounted for non-basic lands. It’s possible they’re reprinting the M10 lands again, or even the scars fast lands, along with either Terramorphic Expanse or Evolving Wilds, as both are rotating out with the release of Innistrad.

This is, of course, speculation. There will however be those 6 lands, regardless of what they are. They could be either m10 lands or allied fetches, or reprinting the enemy fetches.

We also only have 3 slots open for multicolored cards, so here’s hoping there’s a red/green legendary Werewolf and a black/blue legendary Zombie in there as well.