I honestly doubt this comes as much of a surprise to many Legacy players, but they reprinted Cabal Therapy! This is obviously yet another big reason to buy the Graveborn foil deck! Granted there was a foil version in Judgment, but now you can have one for only about $4-5 USD!

But it doesn’t stop there. We have a new foil Dread Return, which yes we already had in Time Spiral, but a more easily acquirable version doesn’t hurt! Terastadon is certainly interesting. But it’s the other new reprints that are especially fascinating.

Exhume is a common sorcery that hasn’t been seen since the days of Urza’s Saga. It’s pretty good, obviously. For one and a black you can put a big bad creature onto the board while your opponent probably won’t yet have anything of much consequence to oppose it. It’s really nice to know we’ll be getting a foil version of this!

Blazing Archon is very interesting in terms of the Reanimator deck. You might ask why a 9 cost 5/6 flyer is so good, but hey, creatures can’t attack you! In a Reanimator deck, this is obviously very, very usable. Is it one of the best options? No, but you could find plenty of uses in EDH for it! Its inclusion definitely makes sense and certainly shouldn’t be overlooked.

Sphinx of the Steel Wind is a very fun mythic rare from Alara Reborn. It’s playable in EDH, certainly, but seriously, a 6/6 with flying, first strike, vigilance, lifelink, and protection from red & green is just absurd. Especially when you consider with a re-animator deck you could have this thing out on Turn 2. Of all the creatures in the deck, this is easily going to be the most sought after card. Really cool looking, too!

All-in-all, with these new reprinted being revealed, along with a few other common and uncommon reprints that aren’t really worth mentioning at the moment, the Graveborn deck is now easily worth your $35 USD. It wouldn’t hurt to order perhaps 2 or 3 copies now!