Recently, my brother, solemnparty, went on the /r/edh sub-reddit to recruit writers for Commanding Opinion (EDH/Commander) articles. As he will soon be starting school again soon, he has been seeking people to write some Commanding Opinion articles for their favorite commanders and decks. I, myself, will continue to write for the site as normal, but one thing that I have definitely wanted all along is to bring on new writers to bring on new perspectives.

While EDH articles are great, I am open to accepting submissions really having anything to do with Magic: Standard, Modern, Legacy, Cube, and Limited to name a few. While I’m not crazy about Standard, as the articles have a limited shelf life, if that’s your format and you have something new to say about it, go ahead and submit something! Heck, you can add to our growing library of Game Mechanic and Story-line articles. If you want to write about Magic: the Gathering, we’re open to submissions!

However, keep in mind that as the site is still growing, we will be unable to pay anyone for services rendered for the time being. However, if you have TCGPlayer or Amazon Affiliate accounts, you may include in-text links or display ads in your articles for the time being – outside of any Google Adsense ads that also display there. Our guest posts are meant to showcase new and existing Magic writers and drive traffic to the site proper, while also giving our writers a chance to earn a little extra. If you don’t mind us sticking our own display ads and an affiliate link or two at the bottom of the posts, please let us know.

Our site is indexed by Google extremely quickly and our posts are also featured on EDH-related posts are also shared on the /r/edh subreddit. We will edit any articles before they go up, but they will at most be minor changes for grammar and clarity purposes. For now, any guest blog articles will be posted under a general Win Target Game Community author accoun. If you feel that you will contribute often enough to make it worth creating an author account for you on the site, you may request us to do so.

One thing that is changing. Solemnparty mentioned in his reddit call that if you have your own blog that you wish to have us re-blog, we will take reblogs from any tumblr or other free blogging site (Blogger, WordPress, etc). However, as always, the content must be unique and your own. However, we will be happy to promote your blog on our social media if you ask us to. We want to promote the work of fellow Magic: the Gathering bloggers as much as possible.

For submissions, please email them to wintargetgame@gmail.comI do check this email daily, and you should be able to expect a prompt reply from me.

– Elspeth for the Win & Solemnparty