Commanding Opinion is a series that is taking in-depth looks at each of the various Legendary Creatures in Magic the Gathering to ascertain whether or not they made good Commanders in the very popular format of Commander. The series assumes that these decks would be played in multi-player formats – in the future, we will also look more into Duel Commander, the 1-vs-1 version of the format, which has a very different meta-game.

Commander is a format in which you play with a 99-card singleton deck, with no more than one copy of any card excepting basic lands. Your 100th card is your Commander, which can be any Legendary Creature from the history of Magic, barring a few that are banned as Commanders. In your deck, you can only play cards within your Commander’s color identity – the colors in its casting cost and any mana symbols that appear in the card text not part of reminder text.

In the format’s previous incarnation, EDH or Elder Dragon Highlander, you instead called your Commander your General. Commander and EDH are identical in every way except for those terminology differences  You can learn all about the Commander format at the official MTG Commander website.

Our purpose with Commanding Opinion is to give you a good skeleton list to start from and analyzing the various cards that work best with those Legendary Creatures. As far as complete deck-lists are concerned, Commanding Opinion will not always offer those. Eventually, we do hope to have optimized crowd-sourced deck-lists for every viable EDH deck out there – yet another ambitious goal we have here at Win Target Game.

The series is written mostly by Solemnparty, with some articles chipped in by ElspethFTW. It also has had several guest bloggers submit to it, as well. The guest blogs are a bit all over the place, while Solemnparty has been trying to keep doing them in alphabetical order. We’re also trying to do Commanding Opinions as new Legendary Creatures are released.

We hope you enjoy Commanding Opinion. As always, please contact us or send an email to with any questions, comments. or concerns