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Hiatus Over

SolemnParty here.

So, as you already know, my brother quit Magic. I’ve been busy with work and haven’t had the time to work on the site – but I’m going to do what I can to keep the site active. Later today I’ll be posting a Commanding Opinion on the new Commander Spoiler, and I’ll upload the spoilers momentarily.

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Hey everyone. I just wanted to notify everyone that there will be a ton of guest posts coming up! As you probably saw the announcement already, we were looking for guest writers, and that I went out on /r/edh looking for some, and I definitely succeeded. I’ve already got a few articles in that I’ll be uploading. The first one is a Commanding Opinion, which’ll be uploaded at some point today.

Just a quick update before this stuff goes up.

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Win Target Game Updates August 1st

Hello, everybody – this is Elspeth for the Win. Today I would like to apologize for not posting any updates during the past few days. My brother, Solemn Party and I, have been away on vacation, and have not had a proper internet connection. While we have our smart phones, it was simply not efficient to do so with all of the research and pictures that go into each article. Now the WI-FI is working again here at our vacation spot – the day before we leave – so I’ll be getting some content up today! That being said, not a ton has been happening since we last posted about Ghoulcaller Gisa, besides the confirmation of four cards from FTV: Annihilation. On top of those being reviewed sometime this week, here are some things you can look forward to coming next week.

The Wayback Wednesday series will continue next Wednesday with Ankh of Mishra from Alpha/Beta/Unlimited. That article was supposed to be up this week but I never got around to writing it before I left. Throwback Thursday will also continue next week as we will be taking a look at the first ever Duel Decks. This is incredibly good timing, as it was recently announced that there will be an anthology which will include the first four of those Deck Decks. This is a series I was going to do anyway, so it works out perfectly. As far as Friday is concerned, I will be continuing my top non rare card series. Since we’re going in alphabetical order of expansions, next week will of course be Alliances. That should be fun article, even if you already know what number one is from that set.

Of course, Solemn Party will return with his Generally Speaking, Commanding Opinion, and Reddit’s Opinion series. The Reddit’s Opinion series was so popular that it crashed the site. This shouldn’t happen again, as we’ve upgraded both our DNS and hosting. Thank you for all sticking with us through our growing pains. You guys have made this site into a legitimate success, and there will be plenty more to come!

Till next time,

– Elspeth for the Win

SolemnParty’s Writing Schedule

I know I haven’t been posting quite as much as I have been. With the M15 spoiler season ending, we’re getting back to our usual schedule. ElspethFTW and I will both be on vacation next week, but there will still be articles being posted. This is the schedule I plan on sticking to for that week and every week after that – allowing for some flexibility, of course, but this is what you should expect.

Note: Things in brackets (you know, these things: [something]) are not necessarily weekly, but these are the days that those occasional articles will appear.

Commanding Opinion
Generally Speaking
[Reddit’s Opinion]

Games and Mechanics

Commanding Opinion
Games and Mechanics
Generally Speaking

Commanding Opinion

Pack to Power (if trades that week)

Commanding Opinion [or] Generally Speaking

Generally Speaking
Pack to Power (if trades that week not covered on thursday)

So, I hope you guys will keep tuned in!

Until next time,


So, for those of you who saw the old site, I had a segment called Games and Mechanics, where I talked about some of the more complicated parts of the game. Mostly talking about complicated abilities like Banding.

Well, I’m bringing it back.

Due to the fact that the game is booming, there need to be guides like this out there. Whether it be mechanics, keywords, or just slang within the community, I’ll be doing my best to have the answers to the questions like “what’s tron?” or “what’s the stack” or “why is banding so damn complicated?”

This doesn’t mean I won’t still be doing Commanding Opinion, of course – I plan on still doing 5 of those a week, and most likely 2-3 of these a week as well. Once we’re out of the M15 spoiler season, I can guarantee that.

Until next time,



On the original Win Target Game site back on WordPress, I wrote articles starting from the beginning of the alphabet for Legendary Creatures.

At the time, however, I hadn’t played a whole lot of Magic outside of Standard and was only just jumping into Commander – so I’m rewriting all of those articles, and plan on finishing it!

I’m planning on posting at least 5 Legendary Creatures a week – maybe more – and talking about them, and try to delve into whether or not these creatures are usable as Commanders, or if they just kind of exist as Legendary Creatures.

Much like before, they will be covered alphabetically, and the first card is Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor, going up a few hours after this is posted, and there will most likely be another one the same day.


One advantage to going to Drexel is that there’s a card shop just 5 minutes away that I can walk to in order to get to the midnight releases of sets. I’ve done this all year, and have been to the midnights of all three Theros sets.

That being said, I am not an expert at Limited. In fact, I tend to think of myself as being fairly bad at Sealed. That being said, here’s what I ended up playing:


1x Aegis of the Gods (Rare)
1x Dawnbringer Charioteers (Rare)
1x Fate Unraveler (Rare)
1x Gnarled Scarhide
2x Grim Guardian
1x Hopeful Eidolon
1x Medomai the Ageless (Mythic)
1x Nyx-Fleece Ram
1x Observant Alseid
1x Omenspeaker
1x Pharika’s Chosen
1x Shipwreck Singer
1x Sightless Brawler
1x Sigiled Starfish
1x Tethmos High Priest
1x Thassa’s Devourer
1x Triton Fortune Hunter
1x Underworld Coinsmith


1x Asphyxiate
1x Font of Fortunes
1x Thassa’s Ire
1x Traveler’s Amulet

LANDS (17)

5x Island
7x Plains
5x Swamp

I ended up going 3-1 with my Esper deck. The main plan of the deck was to use the Constellation mechanic to slowly wear down my opponents while playing slightly larger creatures (Grim Guardian is a 1/4, “Scryfish” is a 0/3) and life gain (Nyx-Fleece Ram + Hopeful Eidolon) to just stay ahead of other decks.

Round 1 – Orzhov Heroic


I played against one of the people I came to the event with, and promptly got mana screwed game 1 – mulled to three, no lands in any of my hands and pretty handedly lost. Game two was a little better, but got over run by a Dawnbringer Charioteers with Vigilance and Lifelink. I managed to get Medomai out this game, but it got Gilded immediately.

Round 2 – Boros


My opponent pulled a Brimaz but never saw him in our match

This guy managed to pull a Brimaz, but didn’t see it either game. It was a pretty quick 2-0 win for me. He saw no white either game, and his red was lacking. He had switched from Black/White to Red/White after getting wrecked in round 1. His deck was actually fairly decent, as I looked at it after the match. He just got mana-screwed like I did in round 1.

Round 3 – Selesnya Heroic


Fate Unraveler, key to my Round 3 victory

This was a really great round. The guy I played hadn’t played the game in about 10 years, and this was his first event, and he opened a Foil Elspeth, Sun’s Champion! Needless to say, I lost to it game 1 when he drew it. Game two however, I managed to whittle him down between Fate Unraveler, Underworld Coinsmith and Grim Guardians. Game three ended up going to time, but I won with the same combination as above on turn 0/5.

Round 4 – Rakdos Minotaurs

He straight-up drafted Minotaur. 3 lords, Scourge of Valkas, and Felhide minotaurs all over the place. However, he got mana screwed two games and I got the 2-0 win without seeing much of his deck in action.

Sadly, at my pre-release 3-1 only gets 4 packs. Junk rares galore.

All in all, while I didn’t nearly make my $30 back, I did get to see how effective the new Constellation Mechanic is in Limited. It’s a very feasible strategy in Limited, but I am unsure how effective it will be in regular draft, however. It works better here in Sealed because of having essentially 3 Journey Into Nyx (2 regular packs and the seeded pack) packs, 1 Born of the Gods and 2 Theros.

I’m not quite sure when I’ll be drafting this set any time soon, but I’ll be bringing you plenty more content soon.

– SolemnParty

An Introduction – SolemnParty

Hey there. For those of you who have been around since the old website, I’m SolemnParty.

I did a lot of writing on the original Win Target Game website, but took a hiatus from the game and from writing in general.

For a little bit of background… I’m almost entirely an EDH player – aside from limited formats like Draft and Sealed, I stick to EDH/Commander.  I’m a casual gamer, and I think that’s the problem when I started writing in the first place. I was still very new to the game. I started playing Standard during New Phyrexia, and started playing EDH after the release of the official Commander Product. My brother (ElspethFTW) bought all of the decks and we messed around with them. Soon after, my local card shop started doing an EDH league that I went to with my brother occasionally, and usually my girlfriend after that. At the moment I’ve got 8 EDH decks, all of which are fairly decent in my opinion.

Anyway, I’ll be writing mostly articles about Commander/EDH (I tend to lean towards EDH as the name as it’s what I’m used to calling it) and I’ll be doing spoilers for Conspiracy and M15 most likely, if I get to them before ElspethFTW does. While I’m still in school (I’m a freshman at Drexel University) until June 14th or so, I probably won’t be writing a whole lot until aftewards unless I happen to be around during some big news week. The first thing I’ll be doing is rewriting my articles from the old site and making them decent again. New and Improved with my accumulated knowledge since I started playing back then. Until then, signing off. – SolemnParty

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