Thanks so much to The Mana Source on YouTube for this deck concept! Here’s the list on TappedOut:

My list is slightly different at the moment, with two Boon Satyrs in place of a [mtg cardname=”Gyre Sage” setname=”Gatecrash” linktext=”Gyre Sage“] and [mtg cardname=”Mistcutter Hydra” setname=”Theros” linktext=”Mistcutter Hydra“] (mostly because I have to go get them from dumb bots!) But I think the Satyr interaction, having Flash and the 4 power will help get me there!

In paper, this deck is probably about $30, but on MTGO it’s under 5 tix, which is STUPID for a Standard deck! Unfortunately, this deck did NOT perform well in play-testing at all! I only filmed the match testing, but the single game matches didn’t go well, either. To wit:

Unfortunately, this deck needs a lot of help. I was very upset with how terrible this deck performed. It has to mull aggressively and hit the curve perfectly to work. That happened maybe twice during my single game testing. Here in the matches, watch the deck get pulverized by mana flood and Desecration Demons. We even get mana screwed a couple times in a deck with 25 land.

Pretty disgusted with how this went. I was going to cut the last “round” out since the opponent conceded the match for an unknown reason. But you could tell I was extremely frustrated. Maybe this deck works way better in Paper, but on MTGO, forget it. If you’re not having fun, my rule is, dump the deck. That’s what I did

Sorry, Mana Source. Great idea, but I’m not going to waste any more time with this build. I feel like I mulled WAY too aggressively, but this deck has to have perfect draws to even have a chance. I think there’s a way to make this work, but you’ll have to get the Master Biomancers, at least, to have a chance.

I really, really want this deck to work. I KNOW 25 land is too much and there’s just too much depending on a perfect curve. If you guys have any suggestions, budget or otherwise, please let me know.

Regardless, thanks to the ManaSource! They have some great coverage of big tournaments, and hopefully their budget series gets better. Go check these bros out!