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M15 Events – The Prerelease Cards!

These have actually been out for a little while, but I figured we should at least show the new art for these cards, and which I think the best choice may be.


Resolute Archangel was one of the first cards spoiled, and seems to be a very strong limited play. Even at 5WW, this card can completely change the course of a limited game. A 4/4 flier is fairly powerful, but she resets your life total to whatever you started with – which, in limited, will be 20.


Mercurial Pretender is a throwback to Sakashima the Imposter, in the terms of having the ability to bounce itself. A 5 drop clone is a little weak in limited, but it does have the ability to dodge removal and let you reuse its cloning ability, making it fairly powerful in limited.


Indulgent Tormentor is probably one of the weaker entries as far as limited. being a 5/3 puts it in killing range of Lightning StrikeHowever, its ability along with being a flier is strong. 5/3 flying at 3BB can put a dent in a lot of life totals, but the Lightning Bolt or removal every upkeep is impressive, especially in limited.


Siege Dragon is an interesting dragon. 5/5 that destroys all walls your opponents control. Now, time will tell how useful this choice will be. There are already a few walls spoiled for M15, and it will depend on the prevalence of walls in the Limited environment that will determine how good of a choice this dragon may be.


Phytotitan has the advantage of never dying, especially in a limited environment with little exile-based removal. 7/2 for 4GG is slightly weak, but as he keeps coming back the removal will only delay the inevitable incoming 7.

I’ll talk about these 5 again when we have the entire set spoiled, but I personally see Resolute Archangel as the best choice out of the 5. Being able to take the hits to get to late game and immediately go back to the top of your clock can definitely force through a tempo win, but I also see Phytotitan doing extremely well.

Time will tell, though.

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M15 Discussion – Nissa Revane Returns?

EN_MTGM15_Boo_05_01 EN_MTGM15_SmplDkTkBx_05_03

From the official WotC site, we’ve been spoiled the art for the packs and sample packs – both of which are sporting Nissa Revane!

While there had been some rumors of Nissa being in the set, this essentially confirms that she’ll be in the set in some incarnation, even if it isn’t her elf-centered Nissa Revane printing from Zendikar.

In addition, Mark Rosewater confirmed that there will be 6 planeswalkers – 1 of each color, and one additional one of some sort: most likely a set Garruk to go along with Garruk the Slayer from the prerelease challenge.

So far, we already have Liliana Vess and Chandra, Pyromaster confirmed – so we’re waiting on our other 4 for the time being.

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EDIT: Less than an hour after writing this, Ajani the Steadfast was spoiled!

M15 Events – Fight Garruk the Slayer!


During the prereleases for M15, there will be a side event, where players will fight against Garruk the Slayer.

Clearly, this card will not be released in the set – he doesn’t even have a mana cost (though a 0 drop planeswalker starting at 20 loyalty would be pretty fantastic). This solely for the side events at release.

He’s a player that can 0 to make a 2/2 green wolf token, or +4 to give a wolf +1/+0 and deathtouch until end of turn.

His minuses are actually very powerful. His -10 destroys any creature, and then he gains loyalty equal to that creatures toughness. This balances out the heavy cost, making it not as detrimental to kill a single creature as you gain part of the 10 you spent back. His -25 destroys all creatures Garruk doesn’t control.

Very, very cool.

I really like the concept – it’s already very similar to the horde decks from Theros block, and this is a really cool concept.

Plus, this guy is supposed to be at every release:


So, this should be fun.

Credit to Gathering Magic for writing about this, too – just spreading the word!

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