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Commander 2016 is a few weeks away! We will finally be able to build 4-color decks for Commander! But do these new creatures anything to the table worth noting?

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Sure, there’s that survey that sometimes pops up when you visit the Wizards website. Sure, there’s that Reddit poll, but the truth is, Magic is a game with people that range from people who have no connection to the broader Magic community, and people who actively participate in it. […]

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Really cool start to a potentially decent Sultai Eldrazi archetype in Standard.

Card Knock Life

Fathom Feeder is the most underrated card in Battle for Zendikar.

fathom feeder

While many players are calling this a ‘weaker’ Baleful Strix, I see it as quite a different source of card advantage and utility.  Let’s break it down based on its four lines of text…

Devoid: This is subtly useful if the card is played alongside something like Ghostfire Blade or Dominator Drone.  Building the ‘colorless strategy’ in a standard construction deck seems to be a natural fit for artifact all-stars like Hangarback Walker.  While I included Hangarback Walker in my deck, I did so only for it’s incredible value and ability to generate early blockers and flying attackers.  I am mostly not concerned with the Devoid aspects of Fathom Feeder in this case but it’s certainly something to look at in other builds.

Dominator Droneghostfire blade

Deathtouch: Besides being able to trade with an attacker of any size (I’m looking at you, Siege Rhino), Fathom…

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