It was confirmed last night that Conspiracy will have a fun little reprint, Squirrel Nest. It hasn’t been seen since the days of Odyssey, but it’s a fun little card that has seen play in Commander over the years. Also, back in the Odyssey days, Squirrel Tribal was a fairly playable Standard deck. Of course, there’s also a Constructed deck out there known as Earthcraft-Squirrel Nest combo. The Forest enchanted with Squirrel Nest can be untapped with Earthcraft by tapping the Squirrel you just made. It’s just a silly casual deck nowadays, but it still works now adays. Earthcraft is sort of pricey now, though.

In any case, I prefer the original Odyssey art to the new art, but it’s nice to see a card like this being reprinted, as it’s going to be very fun in a draft environment. Now we just need Earthcraft in the set to complete the combo pieces.

~ Elspeth for the Win