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When looking at a card like Magister of Worth, I generally just see it as an EDH card – it’s a 4/4 for 4WB that, while good, I would expect to be roughly bulk rare, maybe a little bit more.

Then, I see this on MTG Stocks.screenshotmagister

At the time of writing, Magister of Worth is apparently pre-ordering for around 37 dollars – for a regular rare? At the same time, the reprint of Exploration is only going for a little under 20 dollars.

Conspiracy is doing a very good job of confusing retailers and players alike. I find it unlikely that it will stay that high, but it is something we should discuss.

At this time, Dack Fayden (the greatest thief in the multi-verse) is pre-ordering around 58-60 as well. In a set where players and retailers have no idea what the supply and demand for this set are going to look like, the prices are going to be extremely high. In Dack’s case, it’s mostly a combination of the “Jace Tax” and hype for Conspiracy. If this set does not get bought enough, then players are going to have a hard time opening product. Otherwise, if the set is bought like a normal set, the prices will likely stabilize.

Personally, I would not advise pre-ordering very much from this set – the prices are going to be high and supply is going to be high as long as stores are willing to stock it for sale and in-store drafts.

MTG Finance – Nether Shadow – Legacy Dredge Staple?


If I asked you to think of a card that may double its price in a week, you probably would never think Nether Shadow. To be fair, though, Nether Shadow is a pretty good card, and it hasn’t been printed since Fifth Edition. Why the sudden jump then? With Legacy coming a lot more prevalent in recent months, demand has increased for many older cards. It is a card that is played in some Legacy Dredge lists as a four-of. However, just how good is it really?

Pictured above is the Fourth Edition version. It was also printed in Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, and Revised. The Fifth edition has different art and has a bit more clear wording:

Nether Shadow Fifth Edition Rare

Nether Shadow is very much like Bloodghast, actually, but he always has Haste, which Bloodghast doesn’t have until an opponent is at 10 life or less. However, it has a very different condition for being able to come back. Bloodghast comes back from the graveyard whenever you drop a land. Nether Shadow can come back as long as three or more creature cards exist above it in the graveyard. Not many cards worry about the order of graveyards, but this is definitely one. In a Dredge deck, however, this condition is going to happen often. He’s typically run instead of Bloodghast in that deck, as it is a far less expensive option.

Is Nether Shadow a good investment? It’s highly unlikely to be reprinted, mainly because of the strangeness of its graveyard-order based mechanics. There is still a decent supply of them out there, so the price probably won’t skyrocket a ton. Still, there are probably plenty sitting around in bulk binders, so if they can be had for around $1 a copy (where it sat for years) it’s not a bad idea to stash a few away.

– Elspeth for the Win

MTG Finance – Commander 2011 Legendary Creatures


Quick installment today. The main theme of today: Commander 2011 Legendary Creatures!

We’ve all seen how nuts Edric, Spymaster of Trest has been going. But this is due to his being a part of some very competitive Legacy decks.


But, oh boy, look at The Mimeoplasm. His price has doubled in just over a week. He was about $3 a couple of weeks ago, and now he’s around $7 pretty much everywhere. If you can find him for less, it’s not like he’s going to be going back down much.


It seems like Nin, the Pain Artist is next for a price jump. She’s jumped from about $1.50 to $2.50 in the past few months, and she’s heading up towards $3. Really, any half-way decent Legendary Creature from the 2011 Commander decks are a good pick-up. She’s not a bad pick-up right now at all, and she has a very useful effect.


Know who’s a good pick-up right now? Zedruu the Greathearted. Why? Not only are there an increasing number of decent Minotaurs available, but Zedruu has been gaining some nice cards like Perplexing Chimera. As he hasn’t been reprinted, and probably won’t be, his current median price of $1.50 is sure to go up. You can find copies of him easily under $1. Zedruu is pretty popular in EDH, and his deck is only going to get more powerful.


Ruhan of the Fomori is another Commander that hasn’t been reprinted and while he’s not nearly as popular as the others we’ve mentioned, he is a playable card in a Giant-themed deck. It’s possible that with Commander cards getting picked up at a record pace that even he will see a slight uptick. In any case, it can never hurt to pick him up at bulk (pretty easy to do) or as a throw-in for trades. Since he has blue in his cost, his decks have the tools to make him un-blockable and abuse equipments and Auras. Keep in mind that 1 vs. 1 EDH is getting a lot more popular and if someone brews up a really good list for him, Ruhan is very powerful in those one-on-one match-ups.

All that being said, start hoarding the Commander 2013 exclusive Legendary Creatures. They’re so insanely common right now, but after seeing what the 2011 ones are doing, you won’t regret it. With the ever-growing popularity of the Commander format, in a year or two, the good ones like Shattergang Brothers, Nekusar, and Oloro (among others) will be very, very sought after.

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