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Mardu Ascendancy is a very interesting card from Khans of Tarkir that never really had its day in Standard. While it would pop up occasionally in Mardu Aggro decks with the likes of Bloodsoaked Champion, Butcher of the Horde, and Mardu Shadowspear, this Ascendancy didn’t make much of an impact in the competitive metagame.
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Nickels and Dimes (MTG) – Trove of Temptation from Ixalan


Jake and Joel are Magic is a Comedy MtG YouTube channel. Their tagline is: Real. Funny. Magic. Subscribe to them on YouTube for silliness here: You can also find Jake and Joel on Twitter:


The Whole Box and Dice is an Australian based Magic The Gathering (MTG), Dragon Ball Super (DBS) & Hearthstone player. The channel is a lot about what Coops loves about TCGs whether that be cracking packs, building decks and assessing meta and finance. On his channel you will likely find set previews/reviews,  “Can we flip it” booster pack series – booster pack, bundles and booster box openings, plus budget, janky and competitive deck builds and deck techs.

Find The Whole Box and Dice on Youtube here:

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You can also find Coops of The Whole Box and Dice on Twitter:

So, let’s get down to our interview with Coops from Whole Box and Dice


Life Begins at 20 is a Magic the Gathering Youtuber that talks MTG Cube, Limited, and Sealed. His channel also features Product Openings and more! (

MTG Content Creator Spotlight – T1 Glistener Elf



Jay Stephens is Host of T1GlistenerElf on YouTube (, infect aficionado, avid deck brewer, SSBM Jigglypuff main, and proud parent of a wonderful toddler. He’s also a children’s book author and is currently working on releasing “It’s Time to Sleep: Evangeline’s Lullaby” which is inspired by his daughter. Check out the Kickstarter campaign for more info!

For now, let’s talk some Magical Gatherings!

In the Building the Collection series, I will talk about how easy it is to build a Magic: the Gathering card collection for roughly $1 a day or less. Today, we’ll talk about how “playing it safe” with bulk rares can in the long term actually make your collection quite valuable.

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