This Standard mill deck looks very effective!


Hello My Fellow Planeswalkers,

Mathew from GenericBadMagic here to bring you a whole new standard brew, drawn up from scratch by yours truly over the last week or so, Standard Mill! Our deck is entirely focussed on demolishing the opponents library as quickly as possible through mill spells and creatures, supported by some level of removal and board management with a little card selection to find the necessary cards.

Lets take a look at how our creatures contribute,


4x Minister of Enquiries
4x Seer of the Last Tomorrow
2x Fleet Swallower

We start with four of Minister of Enquiries, a creature that has seen play almost exclusively in decks that want to mill themselves and benefit from God-Pharaoh’s Gift. Here, though, we want to take away the top three cards of our opponents library at any opportunity.

Seer of the last tomorrow is a blocker with pretty decent toughness…

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