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#CheckThisOut: Magic Finance 102


A solid overview of some major factors that drive Magic card prices.


Prices for individual Magic cards rise and fall over time, creating opportunities for profit – or loss. Here we’ll look at the important drivers of price. Demand for cards can be split into three broad groups: competitive demand from players in tournaments and other organised events; casual demand from players who like to have […]

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Is it possible to build a deck around Maralen of the Mornsong in Modern? Let’s find out on Fishbowl Thursday!

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Squirrels FTW!

I have been playing Magic: The Gathering since the Unlimited series but really got into the game when Revised edition hit retail. I remember those fun times playing it with my high school chums in 1994 when we were seniors in high school. Those fun times continued for several years until I moved away. Luckily […]

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This looks like an awesome idea!

Hello fellow Game Masters and Dungeon Masters Do you have any old or new Magic the Gathering cards just lying around collecting dust? Wanna get some use out of those creatures or artifacts that will never see the light of a battlefield in your decks? Why not use them to create some epic adventures in your […]

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This Standard mill deck looks very effective!


Hello My Fellow Planeswalkers,

Mathew from GenericBadMagic here to bring you a whole new standard brew, drawn up from scratch by yours truly over the last week or so, Standard Mill! Our deck is entirely focussed on demolishing the opponents library as quickly as possible through mill spells and creatures, supported by some level of removal and board management with a little card selection to find the necessary cards.

Lets take a look at how our creatures contribute,


4x Minister of Enquiries
4x Seer of the Last Tomorrow
2x Fleet Swallower

We start with four of Minister of Enquiries, a creature that has seen play almost exclusively in decks that want to mill themselves and benefit from God-Pharaoh’s Gift. Here, though, we want to take away the top three cards of our opponents library at any opportunity.

Seer of the last tomorrow is a blocker with pretty decent toughness…

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Mardu Ascendancy is a very interesting card from Khans of Tarkir that never really had its day in Standard. While it would pop up occasionally in Mardu Aggro decks with the likes of Bloodsoaked Champion, Butcher of the Horde, and Mardu Shadowspear, this Ascendancy didn’t make much of an impact in the competitive metagame.
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