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Jake and Joel are Magic is a Comedy MtG YouTube channel. Their tagline is: Real. Funny. Magic. Subscribe to them on YouTube for silliness here: You can also find Jake and Joel on Twitter:


The Whole Box and Dice is an Australian based Magic The Gathering (MTG), Dragon Ball Super (DBS) & Hearthstone player. The channel is a lot about what Coops loves about TCGs whether that be cracking packs, building decks and assessing meta and finance. On his channel you will likely find set previews/reviews,  “Can we flip it” booster pack series – booster pack, bundles and booster box openings, plus budget, janky and competitive deck builds and deck techs.

Find The Whole Box and Dice on Youtube here:

The channel also has a Patreon @

You can also find Coops of The Whole Box and Dice on Twitter:

So, let’s get down to our interview with Coops from Whole Box and Dice


Life Begins at 20 is a Magic the Gathering Youtuber that talks MTG Cube, Limited, and Sealed. His channel also features Product Openings and more! (

MTG Content Creator Spotlight – T1 Glistener Elf



Jay Stephens is Host of T1GlistenerElf on YouTube (, infect aficionado, avid deck brewer, SSBM Jigglypuff main, and proud parent of a wonderful toddler. He’s also a children’s book author and is currently working on releasing “It’s Time to Sleep: Evangeline’s Lullaby” which is inspired by his daughter. Check out the Kickstarter campaign for more info!

For now, let’s talk some Magical Gatherings!

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