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Source: MTG Brewing Madness – Midnight Madness (Standard / Casual) – Life… Successfully


Commander 2016 is a few weeks away! We will finally be able to build 4-color decks for Commander! But do these new creatures anything to the table worth noting?

via Planeswalker Project – Commander 16 Review — The Paper Champion

Sure, there’s that survey that sometimes pops up when you visit the Wizards website. Sure, there’s that Reddit poll, but the truth is, Magic is a game with people that range from people who have no connection to the broader Magic community, and people who actively participate in it. […]

via Why Magic: the Gathering will Never Get Accurate Demographic Results (or will it?) — Crazy About Magic the Gathering


Source: Magic the Gathering Brewing Madness –  U/W Tallowisp Aura Spirits Deck Tech (Modern/Casual) – Life… Successfully

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