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Today, we brew a really powerful and original deck. This is an idea I had when looking through some old cards, and seeing the “-blade” cycle. This deck can get really insane, playing 3/3 fliers for one mana, and 9/9s for four mana. The deck plays incredibly efficient creatures while disrupting the opponent. Let’s get […]

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Nizzahon has come up with a Top 10 list of the best Vampires. Nizzahon has played Magic for over a decade and regularly publishes videos on Limited and Budget Magic […]

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Seiben – Torch of Defiance — The Paper Champion

The story of Kaladesh continues in this latest episode of Friday Night Lore. The Gatewatch has refused to answer the call of Dovin Baan to help the consulate deal with […]

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Today, we talk about a seriously under-valued Commander for the EDH format. It doesn’t seem powerful, but paired with a bunch of cheap enchantments and equipment, it’s a powerful deck that is also very competitive. Basilisk Collar is a powerful equipment because you can use Reveka to shoot down creatures. Gorgon’s Head does the same. […]

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Upon entering the Georgia World Congress Center I knew I’d have the opportunity to meet the artist rk post. Over the years, his artwork has graced 114 cards in Magic: […]

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Today, we’re going to be brewing around Aetherworks Marvel. There’s two ways to brew this: you can either focus on its first ability and let it produce energy for itself, or you can produce energy from external sources. This way, you can combo off turn four, instead of beginning to combo off on turn four. […]

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Another great deck tech from Crazy About MTG. Check it out!

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