I am very sad to announce that Win Target Game will be closing permanently by December 31, 2014. Due to some major changes in my life and my brother Solemn Party’s work schedule, there is no time to update this site anymore. As a result, the site is suffering from our lack of posting and since I have no time for Magic: the Gathering in my ever-changing life right now, it’s best to just let this site go. Solemn Party may return to writing about Magic in the near future, but it will be elsewhere.

The good news is that the majority of our content is being moved to one of the sites that I co-own now, Life Successfully. It has a large Gaming Section which is already being populated with a lot of Win Target Game Magic content. I’ve already contacted some of the guest writers and have moved a few guest articles there already with their permission. Anyone who is still interested in writing for Win Target Game, whether it be for Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, or Yu-Gi-Oh can submit to write articles over at Life Successfully. Any submissions can be sent to richard@articlewriterforhire.com

I will miss Win Target Game, but as with many things in my life right now, I need to move on from the past. I will still perhaps write Magic content in the future, but it will have a new home at Life Successfully. I wish you all the best and promise you that all of the good content here will be still alive over at its new home in short order.

Take care everyone and Happy Magics!

~ Richard Rowell (formerly Elspeth for the Win)