It seems that the majority of the mono-black deck has been spoiled, and is titled Sworn to Darkness.

Before we get into the majority of the reprints, I’m just going to go over a few things first.


Jet Medallion is getting reprinted, basically confirming a reprinting of all of the medallions! I’m happy to see these being reprinted, personally. I couldn’t see these getting a reprint in anything other than the mono-colored commander decks. For those of you that haven’t seen these before, they’re originally rares from Tempest, and are between 5 and 10 dollars depending on which medallion it is.Good to see being reprinted.


Demon of Wailing Agonies is another card with the new Lieutenant mechanic. A 4/4 flyer for 3BB is solid, but if you control your Commander you get an additional +2/+2 (bumping up to 6/6 for 5) and whenever he deals damage to a player, that player sacrifices a creature. Having this ability on a creature with evasion is pretty solid, and I think this could see solid play in Kaalia, over Angelic Field Marshall due to the sheer power of this card.


The picture is a little difficult to read, so here’s the text:

Raving Dead
Creature – Zombie [Rare]
At the beginning of combat on your turn, choose an opponent at random. Raving Dead attacks that player this combat if able.
Whenver Raving Dead deals combat damage to a player, that player loses half his or her life, rounded down.

This is a fantastic card in my opinion. Wizards is learning their lesson about big dudes with deathtouch and high power, and made this guy a 2/6 with a ridiculous ability that cuts a player in half after dealing his two damage. It’s a strong card, and is better balanced for multiplayer than it is for 1v1. Being a zombie is a huge benefit with cards like Zombie Master and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth in existence.


Again, this picture isn’t loading well so here’s the text:

Flesh Carver
Creature – Human Wizard [Rare]
1B, Sacrifice another creature: Put two +1/+1 counters on Flesh Carver.
When Flesh Carver dies, put an X/X black Horror creature token onto the battlefield, where X is Flesh Carver’s power.
“Just a taste?”

Pretty solid card along with Gisa. Making this guy big with his own ability and then sacrificing him to Gisa’s ability is pretty strong. Not a whole lot to stay about him, he’s a pretty standard Commander bulk rare.


Spoils of Blood looks like a card I think will definitely see play. B for a big creature after a board wipe can turn this card into pure value town. Plus, it has fun flavor text.

“There are always leftover.” – Derecht, flesh carver

Just a really cool card.


Wake the Dead is an instant for XBB that can only be played on your opponent’s turn, that reanimates X creatures from your graveyard and then sacrifices them at end of turn. It’s essentially just to quickly block, get ETB or death triggers on some stuff, and keep yourself from dying.

However, this card is disgusting with cards like Mikaeus the Unhallowed and Athreos, God of Passage.


Just food for thought.


I’m glad to see that the deck had at least one board wipe, even if it is at 4BBB.

Necromantic Selection
Sorcery [Rare]
Destroy all creatures, then return a creature card put into a graveyard this way to the battlefield under your control. It’s a black Zombie in addition to its other colors and types. Exile Necromantic Selection.
It shambled from the cloud of ash and bone dust, undeterred by its own extinction.

This is a pretty cool card, honestly. It’s managable in a mono-black deck (which this is) and is reanimation to boot. I don’t know if I’ll play it personally in mono-black, but it’s an option for more board wipes if you need them in a mono-black deck.


Oversser of the Damned is a 5/5 flying demon for 5BB – which is pretty standard costing. This guy is really cool, though – when he comes into play, he destroys a creature (and this is a may, so you can cast him safely the rest of the time too) and whenever an opponent’s creature dies, you get a 2/2 black zombie creature token into play tapped. I can definitely see this seeing play in decks like Kaalia or something that constantly benefits from dead creatures on your opponent’s board. Solid card.


Malicious Affliction I think could see play in other formats. BB to kill a nonblack creature is already pretty solid (not quite as good as doom blade) but it’s morbid ability lets you copy Malicious Affliction to kill a second creature. BB isn’t hard even in 3 color commander decks due to Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and cards like Cabal Coffers. It’s preordering on SCG at 2 dollars, and I think it’s a reasonable price for it.

There are still tons of other spoilers, but these are the new cards in the mono-black deck. The notable reprints include Grave TitanBlack Sun’s Zenith, and Aether Snap. Sadly, no Damnation, which a lot of people are unhappy about. You can find the full list here.

Until next time,