Bitter Feud is a 4R Enchantment that is essentially Dictate of the Twin Gods/Furnace of Rath except it’s specifically for two players – and no one else. It’s a very interesting take on the type of enchantment, and I think I’m likely to play it in something like Krenko.


Unstable Obelisk is an unusual mana rock. A 3 mana rock that produces 1 colorless upon a tap, you can also pay 7 mana into it and tap it to destroy any permanent. I’m actually a huge fan of this card. Mono-Red has a very hard time destroying Enchantments, and a mana rock like this makes it a lot easier to have a multipurpose card than to devote a slot to something like Spine of Ish Sah.

Overall, not exciting stuff, but still decent cards. I’m leaning towards the mono-red deck due to Dualcaster Mage and Feldon, but only time will tell what deck I”m gonna end up going with.

Until next time,