Today, the entire Khans of Tarkir set has been spoiled by Wizards of the Coast. As of this writing, it is not yet up on Gatherer. However, the complete set can be found on several spoiler sites, including MTG Salvation.

While we will be doing complete set reviews very soon, today I just wanted to go over some of the notable reprints in this set. We previously discussed Despise being reprinted from New Phyrexia. But there are some other interesting reprints, as well, of mostly which will really only be relevant in Limited.


As if we needed more Enchantment hate, Erase is being reprinted in Khans of Tarkir. It was last printed in Magic 2013 and was originally from Urza’s Legacy. It saw approximately zero play in Standard during its last time in the format, but considering we’re going forward into a Standard where Theros block will be a major component for awhile, Erase may see some sideboard play. Note that it exiles at instant speed for only a single White mana. That’s really solid. Enchantments are going to be pretty silly for a while, and there are a decent number in Khans, as well, so look out for this card!


Smite the Monstrous is originally from Innistrad. It was also reprinted in the Heroes vs Monsters duel deck. While I highly doubt it will see Standard play, considering the number of 4-power or higher creatures in the set, it should be a big deal in Limited.


Cancel has been reprinted. That’s been reprinted so often that I don’t really have to say anything about it.


Crippling Chill is a fine card in Limited, originally printed in Avacyn Restored. 2U to tap a target creature and have it not untap during the next untap step plus drawing a card is excellent in Limited Tempo decks. It’s not going to see any play outside of that format.


Act of Treason gets some sweet new art. This is always a great Limited card, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing it in the Intro Packs.


Arc Lightning is an old favorite that’s finally back in Standard. Obviously, it’s a great card in Limited, as it is very versatile at spreading out the damage. But with Battlefield Thaumaturge from Journey into Nyx, Arc Lightning can hit two target creatures and only cost R. And while it’s not recommended, it is a way to activate Heroic on one of your creature, though dealing 1 damage is not the typical way you’d want to do that. There is definitely room for this card in Standard. Also, all of the old Arena League foils are suddenly going to be rather valuable – it’s a $4 card now.


Shatter is your standard artifact removal for Limited. Not much else to say about it.


Trumpet Blast is a nice little anthem effect for Limited that with the aggressive nature of this set could actually be a decently high pick.


Incremental Growth is a card originally from Lorwyn, and was also recently reprinted in Modern Masters. It’s pretty awesome for putting +1/+1 counters on things: 1 on one creature, 2 on another creature and three on another creature. It’s very good for Heroic, too, obviously, but at 5 mana it’s not going to see Constructed play. It has, however, seen plenty of Commander play. It will also be very strong in Limited for any green deck, especially in Abzan.


Naturalize is a fairly standard reprint for Limited purposes.


Seek the Horizon has actually been printed a couple of times: Saviors of Kamigawa and Return to Ravnica. It’s particularly good in Khans Limited since you’re often going to be playing three colors, so grabbing one basic land of each color is going to be happening a lot with this card.


Windstorm is a reprint from Magic 2014. It’s not bad in Limited, especially if you’re dealing with a bunch of pesky flyers, which is something that could happen rather often with this set.

Of all the reprints I’m quite liking Arc Lightning. I also really like the art on most of these Khans cards. It would’ve been nice to see some more value reprints, though.

– Elspeth for the Win