Today, we find out about five new “mana rocks.” It turns out that not only will each of the five clans have a land that comes into play tapped providing each of its color, but also an artifact for each clan that taps for those colors plus an added bonus. They are called Banners.




Functionally, these Banners are much like the Ravnica Guild Cluestones from Dragon’s Maze. They have been printed at common, all cost 3 to cast, and provide the mana for each of the clans. Each of them also has the ability for each of the clan’s colors to sacrifice the Banner in order to draw a card. They’re only a little bit better than the Cluestones because they provide one more color of mana, but they also cost an extra colored mana to activate the sacrificial ability to draw a card. They might be okay in Limited.

To be honest, I would’ve rather seen an uncommon cycle of artifacts that became something significant to each of the clans, much like the Keyrunes from Return to Ravnica and Gatecrash. These are more meant for Limited mana fixing than anything else. If anything, Wizards is shoving playing three colors in Limited down our throats.

– Elspeth for the Win


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