There has been some speculation about what the final 10 land cards would be in the Khans of Tarkir set. We now know the answer, as Wizards revealed this morning a cycle of dual lands in all 10 color combinations that come into play tapped.

They are essentially Guildgates, except with one improvement: they gain you 1 life upon entering.

Here are the allied colors: Bloodfell Caves is R/B, Blossoming Sands is G/W, Dismal Backwater is U/B, Rugged Highlands is R/G, and Tranquil Cove is W/U.


As for the enemy colors: Jungle Hollow is G/B, Scoured Barrens is W/B,  Swiftwater Cliffs is U/R,  Thornwood Falls is U/G, and Wind-Scarred Crag is R/W.


Due to the existence of the Ravnica Shock Lands, the Guildgates never really saw Standard play outside of Maze’s End decks that required them. However, they have seen play in Modern alongside Amulet of Vigor, as well as Commander play as budget options for players who don’t want to splurge on dual lands. These are strictly better than Guildgates, as they gain you 1 life, as well. No doubt we’ll see these in Commander as yet another budget dual land.

However, if these are the best dual lands that Khans of Tarkir has to offer, it’s possible these will see play. While the enemy color “pain lands” are in Standard, with Courser of Kruphix around, these lands don’t look all that bad if you’re pushing three colors. While I doubt that these lands will see a ton of Standard play, they could appear in some decks if the format slows down considerably. They are fantastic in Limited, making playing three colors a lot more reasonable. While there may be some disappointment that these weren’t “buddy” lands (also known as the “check” lands that come into play tapped unless you control a certain basic land type), these being at common and being better than Guildgates is perfectly okay, especially for Limited.

They also have gorgeous artwork.

– Elspeth for the Win


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