Meandering Towershell is a pretty cool card. A 5/9 for 3GG definitely has the biggest of the butts.

A 5/9 with islandwalk for 3GG is solid, but what’s the downside? Well, he’s slow. So slow that he exiles himself every time he attacks, and doesn’t hit until the next combat. It’s mostly just flavorful, but it’ll definitely be a solid card in Limited – just being a 5/9 with islandwalk is fantastic. Not a whole lot else to say, honestly. It’s notable to mention that it also has a Sultai watermark, which I thought was interesting. The blue/green connection for the islandwalk makes sense, but I think this is one that didn’t necessarily need to be watermarked – which makes me assume it’s likely a rare in the Sultai intro pack. Just a thought.


If you want to make a good charm, just take 3 really good cards from 3 colors and staple them together. Mardu Charm takes this to heart and gives us these abilities:

  • Mardu Charm deals 4 damage to target creature.
  • Put two 1/1 white Warrior creature tokens onto the battlefield. They gain first strike until end of turn.
  • Target opponent reveals his or her hand. You choose a noncreature, nonland card from it. That player discards that card.

A spell that is simultaneously a Flame Slash, a Raise the Alarm that makes Warriors and gives them first strike until end of turn, and a Duress. It’s also important to note that it’s very rare to give us discard at Instant speed, which this card does. With this, Thoughtseize, and the new Mardu Skullhunter, Mardu already has some solid hand destruction.


Mardu Warshrieker also makes it easier to have the mana in order to cast the charm, too.


Rakshasa Deathdealer is a pretty interesting card. A 2/2 for BG with 2 abilitites:

  • BG: Rakshasa Deathdealer gets +2/+2 until end of turn.
  • BG: Regenerate Rakshasa Deathdealer.

While this card is pretty color intensive, it’s by no means a bad card. Having a multi-use pump ability is good, and having regenerate on there is fantastic, too. It’ll be a bomb in Limited, and depending on the mana fixing, it’ll see Standard play in something.

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