Suspension Field is a 1W enchantment that exiles a creature with toughness 3 or greater until Suspension Field leaves the battlefield. Essentially, this is an updated version of Journey to Nowhere – though a bit more limited. This can only hit larger creatures, which is a problem at uncommon, but white usually gets limited removal, anyways. At 1W, it’s well costed for its limitation. I wouldn’t expect to see something as powerful as Oblivion Ring or even Journey to Nowhere at only 2 mana in this set. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it see Standard play, though Banishing Light is still in Standard.


Mantis Rider is URW for a 3/3 Human Monk with Flying, Vigilance, and Haste. This is a very straight forward design – 3 mana, 3 colors, with one ability per color. Blue gives us flying, red gives us Haste, and white gives us Vigilance. It’s a pretty solid, straightforward card. I’m not sure if it will see Standard play – its power-level isn’t quite up with Rhox War Monk, though it’s still pretty solid. UWR Flash may be willing to play this card due to the low mana necessity and the decent stats on this card. UWR Control could also be something in standard, but most likely only with the enemy fetches if they’re reprinted.


Icy Blast lets you tap X creatures for XU. However, if you control a creature with power 4 or greater, those creatures also don’t untap during their controllers’ next untap steps. As Temur will usually have a big enough creature for it, it’s a pretty solid card. Also, with Battlefield Thaumaturge from Journey into Nyx, you can tap as many creatures as you want for just one blue mana.

Overall, we can see some pretty decent cards here.

Until next time.



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