The Mothership just spoiled a whole cycle of uncommon morph cards with an unusual morph cost.


Watcher of the Ro0st is a 2/1 Flyer for 2W. Solid stats, but this is also a morph creature – whose morph cost is to reveal a white card from your hand. Plus, when it flips over, you gain 2 life.


0/6 is a very impressive stat total, honestly. And at 1U, it’s pretty solid. When it flips, you look at target opponent’s hand. Not bad, and this cycle gives a lot more unpredictability compared to the other morph cards we’ve seen so far.


A 1/1 deathtouch for B is really solid on its own, honestly. But flipping and making a player lose 2 life and killing what you’re blocking is really strong.


Horde Ambusher is the only one in the cycle that doesn’t fall below the 2/2 of the Morph creature, and I actually feel has the lowest utility. When he’s turned face up, target creature can’t block this turn. The thing I like about the others are that they’re more of a surprise in the middle of combat. That being said, this is still a very solid card as it shuts down blocks and keeps people from surprising you with their morph creatures.


Dropping a toughness for a power, Temur Charger is a 3/1 for 1G. Perfectly fine for limited play, but that 1 toughness is a little fragile. Personally, I’d rather play this as a morph creature and then kill a 3 toughness creature surprisingly later as his ability doesn’t need any mana investment for it. Plus, when he flips he gives a creature trample, which can make your opponent’s chump blocks bad decisions.

Overall, these cards aren’t particularly powerful, but they’ll be big in draft, and we get to see some of the innovations that come in with Morph for this block.

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