Wingmate Roc is a 3/4 flyer for 3WW. Not fantastic stats, but it’s a pretty solid playable in limited with those stats, as long as it does something else.

And it does. It’s the first white card we have with Raid.

When Wingmate Roc enters the battlefield, if you attacked with a creature this turn, put a 3/4 white Bird creature token with flying onto the battlefield.

Two 3/4 flyers for 3WW is a much better play than a single 3/4 flyer for 3WW, no doubt.

Plus, whenever Wingmate Roc attacks, you gain 1 life per attacking creature. Pretty solid card, honestly.


Ghostfire Blade is a 1 drop equipment that gives +2/+2 with equip 3. However, if it targets a colorless creature, it costs 2 less mana to equip.

While this would usually just refer to artifact creatures, there’s also the fact that Morph is the returning mechanic of this block.

As Morph creatures are raceless, classless, and colorless, this easily turns your morphed creatures into 4/4s for a low mana investment. Another solid card, and makes morph a playable archetype in limited and possibly standard.

As far as Commander is concerned, it’s possible this card will see play in artifact decks. It has the advantage of being searchable with Trinket Mage as well as equipment tutors.

The main problem I’ve been seeing with the rares from this set is a lack of complexity. Not that simplicity is bad – but a lot of the rares seem like at some point they would have been at much lower rarities, which makes me nervous to crack packs of this set open. I’m much more likely to just draft this set and leave it at that. But perhaps that’s what WotC is trying to push – people need to draft more to really understand the game rather than just buy stuff to play standard/modern/legacy.

Again, if something else comes up about these cards, I’ll mention them again.

Until next time,