So did Wizards just reprint Vindicate, one of the most powerful Sorceries of all-time, at Instant speed? Well, Vindicate cost 1WB, and could destroy any permanent, including lands, at Sorcery speed. Utter End, however, exiles any non-land permanent at Instant speed for only one more mana. First of all, that gets rid of anything indestructible, meaning the pesky Theros Gods now have yet another piece of removal to worry about. Silence the Believers is a very good card already, and that’s 2BB to cast before you use any Strive triggers. This has a bit more wiggle room in that it can take out anything that’s not a land.

The most obvious downside to this card is that it can’t hit things like Darksteel Citadel or lands that have been animated by the abilities of Nissa, Worldwaker. But for most other things, this is going to be a solid removal card. Without a doubt, both Abzan (W/B/G)  and Mardu (W/B/R) decks will find a home for this card. It’s not quite as good as Vindicate, but it’s going to be a lot less expensive as a 4-drop that doesn’t hit lands. It’s going to be a fantastic budget option for many Commander decks looking for another piece of premium removal, as Vindicate is a pricey card to acquire.

This card could be worth quite a bit at release, but I think its price will even out as the format defines itself. It’s going to be a great rare to pull regardless and should see play in Modern, as well.

– Elspeth for the Win