Sagu Mauler is a 6/6 trample with hexproof for 4GU. Not terrible stats – a hexproof trampler is always a good thing to have in the format. I was hoping this would go the route of Abzan Guide and be at a lower rarity, but this guy is still pretty solid at rare for limited reasons. He’ll be a bomb in limited, no doubt. People will be fearing a flip into this guy when they see a morph creature now.

Aside from that, His power/toughness to CMC ratio is good at 1:1 and has built in protection where the only edict effect we’ve seen is a 3 colored card, so he’s going to be difficult to deal with if he gains indestructible somehow.

As far as standard is concerned, if the UWx deck in standard becomes Bant due to the allied fetches in standard, it’s a possibility that this guy will be their sweeper. Ignores little guys, has built in protection, and can hit the board as a 2/2 at turn 3 and then flip a turn early at 5. Single blue/single green is pretty easy to manage turn 5 or 6, though we aren’t getting Misty Rainforest back to standard quite yet.

He’s a pretty simple card, but sometimes we just need a good beater at rare.

Until next time.