The prophecy has come true – we have fetch lands in Khans of Tarkir!

The original allied color fetch lands from Onslaught are being reprinted at rare in the first set.

From the arts that we have spoiled, each of the fetches focus on a specific region of Tarkir where the bodies of dragons are decaying.






There are a few things to note on these reprints. One, I really like the clean look of the fetches in this set. The art is beautiful and better matches the colors of the land than the original fetches did. Also, the post-M15 borders look really nice on land cards. Plus, I like seeing flavor text on cycles of lands like this.

Now, competitively, this means that the Onslaught fetches are now in modern. With the allied fetches, the shard combinations can be better built around in Modern due to having access to their necessary fetches rather than their one enemy colored one. Esper, Grixis and Jund in particular will be super happy about seeing these, as now they have their two allied fetches.

This is also good for standard. Even without the Shocklands staying in Standard, they’re still terrific to have for mana fixing and deck thinning. These also work well with Courser of Kruphix – even though you’re paying a life to crack them, you gain one for playing it and one for cracking it for another land. Plus it gives us better access to deck manipulation, giving courser a little bit more utility.

The only really important question now is if we’re going to get the Zendikar fetches at any point during this block. I’m leaning towards no due to the way they’ve formatted these cards – but it’s still perfectly possible to see them in the second large set of this block.

Until next time,