More spoilers!


Ainok Bond-Kin is another Abzan creature with Outlast. We actually get to see the first of the dog-people in the set with this guy! He’s a 2/1 Hound Soldier for 1W with Outlast 1W, and he gives all of your creatures with +1/+1 counters first strike. At common, this is a really solid card, and may see some standard play along side Ajani Steadfast.


Jeskai Windscout is a 2/1 flier with Prowess for 2U. Not fantastic, but it’s a really nice common for limited play. No big splashes here.


Shambling Attendants is 7B for a 3/5 – very, very meh. But it at least has Delve, so it could potentially be just B for a 3/5 deathtouch. Not bad, but I feel like these card with Delve rely very heavily on having a full graveyard. He’ll see some limited play, especially at common.


Mardu Warshrieker is another really cool Mardu card with Raid. For 3R, you get a 3/3 Orc Shaman that gives you RWB if you cast him after you’ve attacked this turn. This basically makes him a 3/3 for R if you have something to play with the mana he produces. Pretty cool card, and another really cool common. Plus you can play him straight into a Crackling Doom, which is also awesome.


Heir of the Wilds introduces the Temur mechanic, Ferocious. It seems to be focusing on having creatures power 4 or greater in play. He’s a 1G 2/2 (bear) deathtoucher, which is already pretty solid. But, if you control a creature with power 4 or greater, he also gets +1/+1 until end of turn when he attacks. Pretty solid card. It’s interesting to see the Temur clan getting deathtouch in addition to the huge creatures.


Abzan Guide is a 4/4 Lifelink Morpher for 3WBG that has a really high morph cost of 2WBG. At common, though, he’ll see some decent play in limited as a little big of a surprise. Plus, he’s riding a giraffe, which is pretty cool.


This card feels as if it’s an anti-cheating mechanism.

You may look at the top card of your library and at face-down creatures you don’t control. (You may do this at any time.)

One big concern with morph is people playing non-morph cards face down and scooping their cards up at the end of the game before revealing their cheat. With this, we not only get to see what the top card of our library is, but we get to look at face-down morph cards. The only down side is that it kinda feels wrong to do that, as the entire purpose of morph is to surprise people. That being said, then you have to use a deck slot to play this in the first place. It’s also cool to note that it’s searchable with Trinket Mage, but not a huge deal.


Icefeather Aven is another cool Morph card, though. GU for a 2/2 flying Bird Shaman with morph 1GU. A 2/2 flier for 2 mana is really good on it’s own, actually. Having the option to morph and flip to bounce a creature is pretty solid, honestly. I think it could see some standard play if there’s enough color support.

Overall, we’ve got a good number of decent cards here. I’m really excited to see what else this set is going to bring to Standard.

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