Thanks to MTG Quick Shop for letting us re-blog Looking Forward: Post-Rotation (Part 2) on Win Target Game. Yesterday, we had Part 1 of this series. Today, he takes a look at a couple more decks that should perform quite well in the Post-Return to Ravnica Standard format. Enjoy!


In the last part we discussed two decks that we expected to be top-tier. Both of those decks were aggro decks, which utilized the slow post-rotation metagame to achieve fast kills. This time, we’ll be switching gears and focusing on some slower strategies. The decks we’ll be looking at today will be Mono Green and BUG Walkers. Unlike last time’s decks, these decks are not necessarily similar in strategy, BUG Walkers focuses on getting out its planeswalkers and using them to gain the advantage, while Mono Green focuses on using cards like Genesis Hydra and Chord of Calling alongside mana ramp in order to pump out hugely powerful creatures that can crush the opponent. Shall we dive in and get started?

Let’s start with Mono Green.

Immediately off the bat, we have our core cards: Genesis Hydra, Chord of Calling, Sylvan Caryatid, Voyaging Satyr and Nissa, Worldwaker. And then we have a card that will make you go, huh? That card is Medomai, the Ageless. Obviously, in this deck we do not have the mana to cast it, so what is it doing here? The ways to get it out are Genesis Hydra and Chord of Calling. Medomai the Ageless works well with the other monsters that you can get out. The extra turn, if you can pull it off, could potentially end the game.

Now, let’s get into BUG Walkers, which is a little more interesting of a deck…


BUG Walkers is a very interesting deck to be sure. The control part of the deck comes in the form of AEtherspouts, Bile Blight, Dissolve, Hero’s Downfall and Ulcerate. Ulcerate may seem like a bit of an interesting choice, given that Ulcerate is usually only used in control decks, however, in this case, early, cheap removal to either protect your planeswalkers or get get rid of a threat without wasting mana that could otherwise be used to summon planeswalkers is more important. Font of Fortunes is expensive but worth paying as it is the most independent and easiest way to draw cards.

So which deck should you play?

Well, the winrate for each is much lower than the aggro decks, so that is something to keep in mind, Mono Green and BUG walkers had 50% and 40% winrates, respectively.

Hope this helped and tune in for the next part!

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