Thanks to MTG Quick Shop for letting us re-blog this post here on Win Target Game. Today, he takes a look at a couple of decks that should perform quite well in the Post-Return to Ravnica Standard format. Enjoy!


Well, well. It looks like we are only about a month from rotation!

Some of us are still playing Magic in Modern, others are still playing in the current rotation, but the end is near! If you are like me, then you are looking into the future, for post-rotation standard. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Immediately after rotation, if we exclude Khans of Tarkir (but more on that later), there are a couple of top tier decks:
Mono Green, Rabble Red, Mono Black, Jund Super Friends, Gruul and BUG Walkers. So which one should you play?

In this part we will be examining two options, Rabble Red and Mono Black.

Because of the lack of useful dual lands, the post-rotation Standard will be slow. These two decks, which are both aggro, seek to exploit this by winning early and quickly.

First off, decklists:

The standard choices are there, such as Goblin Rabblemaster, which provides a strong core for the deck and is easily the strongest creature in the deck. Akroan Crusader and Firedrinker Satyr are there as extra one-drops to speed up the deck, in addition, the interaction with Hammerhand is very useful. Generator Servant adds a lot of speed and power to the deck and has great interactions with Goblin Rabblemaster, and sometimes, Krenko’s Enforcer. Purphoros, God of the Forge provides an extra late game boost along with his Hammer of Purphoros which, used correctly can end the game early. Twinflame often ends the game when used with Goblin Rabblemaster, while Chandra provides late game power, which solves the problem that previous red decks had when they would run out of gas in the late game. Hall of Triumph and Obelisk of Urd can also end the game when used correctly, and finally, Lightning Strike and Stoke the Flames are easily the most versatile and/or best burn cards in the post-rotation standard format.

In the sideboard, we have a host of choices to deal with expected popular decks, Altac Bloodseeker should be a strong two drop against creature-heavy decks and Forge Devil is good in aggro mirror match-ups and killing Elvish Mystic and other one-drops. Eidolon of the Great Revel shuts down control (although that probably won’t be a problem). Harness by Force is a good game-ender against Jund Super Friends and Mono-Green, should they get out a monster that early. Phyrexian Revoker shuts down Elspeth, and is there almost completely specifically to shut down Elspeth and only her. Finally, Fated Conflagration hits BUG Walkers hard. The playtesting winrate for this deck was 60%, not bad but not ideal either, however, it is worth noting that it had the earliest kills, and most of its matchups were not very good.

Good matchups: Slower decks

Bad Matchups: Mono-Black Aggro (Forge Devil remedies this to some effect)

Now, let’s take a look at the Mono-Black Aggro!.


Mono-Black Aggro is a lot simpler and does not require as much explanation, usually, you would want to put two Thoughtseize‘s in the mainboard and two in the sideboard, although in this decklist, I did not include them since this was originally meant to be a budget brew. Brain Maggot acts as a 3rd and 4th Thoughtseize with the added security of not taking damage, although it seriously slows down the tempo, overall, a balance is probably best. The rest are self explanatory cheap beaters. Bile blight is actually used less than Ulcerate, and the reason for that is in an aggro deck like this, it is a price worth paying to preserve the extra mana. Maxed out copies (4) of Hero’s Downfall is used as it will be very good against BUG Walkers and gives it extra utility and removal. Finally, two Halls of Triumph are very good game enders when used properly. In the sideboard we have a host of utilities designed to give us the advantage on the battlefield. The playtesting winrate for this deck was 80% although you may want to take this with a grain of salt, as I mainly had overall favorable matchups.

So which deck should you play?

I’ve listed the pros and cons of each to make your life easier:

Rabble Red:


  • Very Fast
  • When sideboard hate can be used it is extremely strong and effective.
  • Red will likely be a strong archetype with the release of Khans of Tarkir (more information on the exclusive information will come later in the series!)


  • Not as consistent.
  • Loses steam in the late game.
  • Low utilities.

Mono-Black Aggro:


  • Very consistent and pumps out extreme pressure every turn to secure victories.
  • Higher winrate.
  • Has a lot of utilities in the form of removal and spells.
  • Black will likely be a strong archetype as well.


  • Not as powerful early game.
  • Sideboard hate is not as specific.

Well, there you have it folks! Decide from this or do some play-testing on your own.

You’ll want to check out the MTG Quick Shop blog, as he will also be exploring other top-tier deck strategies, as well as some exclusive information on Khans of Tarkir!