Palinchron is probably one of the most feared blue cards in Commander.


While 5UU for a 4/5 flyer is pretty mediocre, the fact that he is essentially free is very relevant – when he comes into play, he untaps 7 lands. That’s the same number of lands that he costs to play. In addition, he can also return himself to your hand for 2UU.

These two things together are the most relevant part of this combo.

Mana Doublers allow you to have lands that tap for more than 1 mana each – meaning you get mana by playing Palinchron.

As he costs 7 to cast and 4 to return to your hand, your amount of mana tapped on 7 lands has to be more than 11 total – 6 islands being doubled can manage it easily, giving you 1 more than you need.

In fact, here’s a list of usuable mana doublers for mono-blue.

Palinchron also goes infinite with two other important cards.


Omniscience lets you cast any spell from your hand for free. As Palinchron untaps 7 lands and you tap 0 lands to play him, he goes infinite automatically here.


Deadeye Navigator on the other hand is ridiculous no matter what. It essentially lets you blink Palinchron for just 1U instead of paying 11, letting Palinchron work in other decks than just mono-blue.

Decks that play any of the Palinchron combos:

The multicolor lists focus on the Palinchron/Deadeye Navigator Combo, while the mono-blue decks focus on Palinchron + Mana Doublers.

Special Mention is Animar, Soul of the Elements.

Animar Soul of Elements

With 5 +1/+1 counters on him, he makes Palinchron only UU – meaning for 2UUUU you can have infinite mana without doublers or Deadeye NavigatorAnimar has become a very important three-color combo deck alongside Maelstrom Wanderer, and Palinchron getting you to infinite mana (and infinite counters on Animar) is extremely powerful in a deck full of creature spells – whether it be activated abilities or just casting your whole hand, it’s going to be relevant the moment you have all the mana you want.

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