Hello, everybody – this is Elspeth for the Win. Today I would like to apologize for not posting any updates during the past few days. My brother, Solemn Party and I, have been away on vacation, and have not had a proper internet connection. While we have our smart phones, it was simply not efficient to do so with all of the research and pictures that go into each article. Now the WI-FI is working again here at our vacation spot – the day before we leave – so I’ll be getting some content up today! That being said, not a ton has been happening since we last posted about Ghoulcaller Gisa, besides the confirmation of four cards from FTV: Annihilation. On top of those being reviewed sometime this week, here are some things you can look forward to coming next week.

The Wayback Wednesday series will continue next Wednesday with Ankh of Mishra from Alpha/Beta/Unlimited. That article was supposed to be up this week but I never got around to writing it before I left. Throwback Thursday will also continue next week as we will be taking a look at the first ever Duel Decks. This is incredibly good timing, as it was recently announced that there will be an anthology which will include the first four of those Deck Decks. This is a series I was going to do anyway, so it works out perfectly. As far as Friday is concerned, I will be continuing my top non rare card series. Since we’re going in alphabetical order of expansions, next week will of course be Alliances. That should be fun article, even if you already know what number one is from that set.

Of course, Solemn Party will return with his Generally Speaking, Commanding Opinion, and Reddit’s Opinion series. The Reddit’s Opinion series was so popular that it crashed the site. This shouldn’t happen again, as we’ve upgraded both our DNS and hosting. Thank you for all sticking with us through our growing pains. You guys have made this site into a legitimate success, and there will be plenty more to come!

Till next time,

– Elspeth for the Win