Some time ago, Win Target Game posted an article about a possible FTV: Annihilation spoiler. While that list was later confirmed to be fake, it has been confirmed that four of the cards from that list have in fact been confirmed for this From the Vault series. Those four cards are Armageddon, Cataclysm, Living Death, and Rolling Earthquake. All are excellent cards, but easily the most valuable of these is Rolling Earthquake.


Rolling Earthquake is an extremely rare card – so rare in fact that many websites don’t even list it. It was originally printed in Portal Three Kingdoms, one of the rarest sets around. It was a set based around a mechanic called horsemanship. Essentially, creatures with horsemanship were unable to be blocked except by creatures that had horsemanship, too. They weren’t terribly overpowered, but there are some very good cards in the set, such as Cao Cao, Lord of Wei, Sun Quan, Lord of Wu, and a few other Legendary Creatures that are highly sought after for Commander decks.

But one card that should not go overlooked is Rolling Earthquake. It’s very similar to the classic Earthquake, in that it hits players and creatures, but the traditional Earthquake doesn’t hit flyers. There is also a newer version of Earthquake known as Magmaquake, which doesn’t do damage to players, instead adding planeswalkers into the equation.

Rolling Earthquake doesn’t hit Planeswalkers, of course, as it greatly predates that card type. However, it does hit flyers, and only misses creatures with Horsemanship. That may not be incredibly relevant in most cases, which means this is a red board-wipe that hits flyers – not something that’s all that common. It is an odd card in terms of flavor, but Sun Quan, Lord of Wu, who gives all your creatures Horsemanship, can make this fairly one-sided. Because it is a decent card and it’s so rare, it’s been a $200 card as recently as June 2014. Cao Cao and Sun Quan were themselves reprinted in a From the Vault product. It’s about time this sorcery received a reprint.

This card should only see play in Commander, but it’s a good enough card that plenty of people will seek it out. Now that it will be much more widely available, expect the original version’s price to plummet considerably, especially as the original Portal Three Kingdoms version is white-bordered, and the new version is a black-bordered foil. It may not be the most powerful card among the cards in this set, but it certainly could well be the rarest of them all.

– Elspeth for the Win