The Chain Veil is the card we’ve all been waiting for – a Legendary Artifact with Planeswalker interaction.

It reads as follows:

At the beginning of your end step, if you don’t activate a loyalty ability of a planeswalker this turn, you lose 2 life.

4, tap: For each planeswalker you control, you may activate one of its loyalty abilities once this turn as though none of its loyalty abilities have been activated this turn.

People weren’t too far off on what this card would do – we thought it would be an equipment for planeswalkers, but this is definitely the next best thing. 4 mana to double up on all planeswalker abilities is pretty damn cool. It is, however, very clunky. 4 mana to play and 4 mana to activate the ability to get double planeswalker triggers is expensive for all formats and is completely/nearly useless in limited.

So where will this card be played?


Honestly, I’ve just keep talking and talking about this deck during this set. Ajani Steadfast is another huge support card for planeswalkers, and in a set with 6 planeswalkers is the only reasonable place to put this – but it’s clear where this card wants to be.

Any deck that can manage to play tons of planeswalkers will love playing this card, and I’m excited to see it being used in Superfriends Commander decks.

There are other things to get to tonight, however.

Until next time,