Now, Cabal Therapy is one of the strongest cards in Legacy at the moment. The first one scouts, and the flashback hits exactly what you know they have.



In some cases, it’s then followed up with one of these two cards:

74 84

Essentially the same card, but they both finished up the job of Cabal Therapy.


Stain the Mind is the new contender for targeted hand removal. 4B, declare any card name – search that player’s graveyard, hand and library for any number of cards with that name and exile them.

The fact that it hits hand, library, and graveyard all on just a declaration of name.

Then again, 4B is a little expensive for eternal formats. The convoke, however, can help with that quite a bit. Playing a hybrid black creature in your deck lets you play it in any deck, and you can always reduce that cost to some extent as long as you’re playing creatures.

Could it see eternal format play? Possibly, if there are decks with the mana equipped for it. Modern Pod may be able to make use of it due to the number of creatures the deck plays. Standard will be the most likely place to see it. Jund could afford to play this in the main deck if it wanted to. As it isn’t a turn 1 play like Thoughtsieze, the player can wait on playing it until they have more information. Even if they have no idea what they’re playing against, the first one lets them see their entire deck and hand – and possibly drop a declared card. Even Commander can make space for it in some decks, due to the fact it hits the library too, if you know that player is playing a certain combo, you can pull out their combo piece and kill it.

I feel as if the card is a strong play in standard, and we’ll see if it extends to other formats.

Until next time.