Sliver Hivelord was just spoiled by Gavin Verhey – and it’s definitely impressive.

Sliver creatures you control have indestructible.

Well then. I don’t even know what to say about this one. While I don’t agree with Gavin in saying this is the most powerful 5-color sliver, it’s definitely a very, very strong card. 5/5 that makes all of your slivers, including itself, indestructible is just incredible. The only reason slivers are as vulnerable as they are is because they never had access to indestructible. They had Shroud in the form of Crystalline Sliver, and with this it’s just ridiculous that your board is practically invincible.

Also, at WUBRG, 5/5 is decent due to the fact it’ll always have other sliver buffs – whether it be getting +x/+x, flying, trample, or whatever, it’ll always be impressive.

Now, the question is, will this see standard play?

Well, the main problem is that this and the M14 slivers will only be in together until September, but it’s still enough time to play for a bit. Between Mana Confluence, Sliver Hive, and the pain lands and shock lands all being in standard make the deck somewhat consistent, and the abilities of the M14 slivers support this one well. We still don’t have any idea what the slivers in this set do, however. I’ll talk about him again when we have the whole set.

Now, casually, this will definitely get a slot in Commander Slivers, though most likely as an additional sliver and not as a commander. Making everything indestructible is a fantastic ability, and searching it out with Sliver Overlord is definitely terrifying.

Overall, while I don’t think it’s quite as powerful as Gavin thinks, it’s still very impressive, and I’m looking forward to getting one.

Until next time.