Back in Alara Reborn, there was an uncommon creature card called Lorescale Coatl. It cost 1UG for a 2/2 that allowed you to put a +1/+1 counter on it each time you drew a card. Chasm Skulker basically does the same thing for 2U, but it nets you a nice little bonus when it dies.

When the Squid Horror that would then be formerly known as Chasm Skulker dies, you get to put X 1/1 blue Squid creature tokens with Islandwalk onto the battlefield, where X is the number of +1/+1 counters on Chasm Skulker. That could be a lot of tokens. Talk about doing a good job replacing itself. Plus, those tokens have islandwalk – meaning that if they attack a player who controls an Island, they are un-blockable.

A couple of very popular Commander decks already have a home for this guy: Prime Speaker Zegana and Vorel of the Hull-Clade. The former cares about drawing cards to draw into combo pieces where as the latter cares about doubling counters in order to draw cards to draw into combo pieces. The synergies with cards like Chasm Skulker and Lorescale Coatl become fairly obvious in those sorts of decks. Imagine sacrificing a big Chasm Skulker with Greater Good. Not only do you get some sweet card draw out of his sacrifice, but you get a lot of nice little 1/1 tokens that will cause opponents a lot of issues.

Also, Azami, Lady of Scrolls, a deck that draws a lot of cards could probably find room for Chasm Skulker. The only issue would be making sure that he dies. But if he does, he’s going to make a lot of tokens, and Azami doesn’t usually win from damage, so it’s a thought.

While it probably won’t see any play in Eternal formats, Chasm Skulker will be solid enough in Limited, as any card that can replace itself is pretty good. It also has some nice synergy in Standard with Dictate of Kruphix, where drawing an extra card every turn will make this guy pretty big pretty fast. Also blue/green decks might find a way to make good use of this guy, as well.

Chasm Skulker is basically a better Lorescale Coatl, although you can’t build a nifty Pauper Commander deck around the Skulker as you can with the Coatl.

How would you use Chasm Skulker?

– Elspeth for the Win