Wizards of the Coast is just full of surprises this week.

Sam Stoddard, a writer for Daily MTG over on the official Wizards Page, just uploaded his article Making Mana, confirming that Wizards has decided to print the enemy color pain lands in M15.

shivanreef1 llanowarwastes1

These are the two M15 arts that we have.

battlefieldforge yavimayacoast cavesofkoilos

And these are the latest arts of the other three.

All 5, however, are confirmed for reprint.

While it’s unlikely that this will impact legacy or modern as they already existed in those formats, standard having access to these lands is fairly interesting.

As he says in his article,

Early on in development, we decided to put a cycle of enemy-colored lands in Magic 2015—the Innistrad check lands. In most ways, they are a lot better than the pain lands. They worked much better with the Return to Ravnica shock lands, and they don’t have the problem of life tracking that the pain lands have, but they didn’t quite work for Standard. Not that they couldn’t in the future, but they didn’t work for what we were trying to accomplish. I mentioned last year that we were moving more toward printing full cycles of lands in a block to make the mana work for Constructed and for Block Constructed. That isn’t changing.

While I’m sure some people will be disappointed about these lands being printed, a lot of people are actually excited to see these lands in standard. A lot of older players already have them, and for new players they’re relatively easy to pick up cheap and play in your standard decks. In fact, Caves of Koilos was just reprinted in the Modern Event Deck not too long ago.

What do you think about this? What modern brews do you have up your sleeves with these older lands? Tell us in the comments below.

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