At first, Life’s Legacy looks like a Sorcery version of Greater Good without the drawback of discarding three cards. But as Greater Good is an Enchantment, very popular in Commander, this is a 1G Sorcery. Yes, this is an extremely powerful effect. Being able to sacrifice a creature and draw cards equal to the sacrificed creature’s power, especially in Green, is a super nifty effect. With Greater Good, you could sacrifice a creature at any time for no cost and draw cards equal to the creature’s power. However, you then had to discard three cards. But for a 4-drop enchantment (2GG) that could be used as many times as you wanted at instant speed, it’s very good.

The problem with having an effect like Life’s Legacy at Sorcery speed and having to sacrifice a creature as a cost to cast it, you can set yourself up for a two-for-one if it gets countered. However, if you are to successfully cast this for 1G and get the effect out of it, 1G to draw 3, 4, 5, or even more cards is extremely good, even at the cost of a creature. It’s too bad that Thragtusk isn’t still kicking around Standard. Imagine playing Thragtusk for 4G, gaining 5 life, then paying 1G for Life’s Legacy, drawing 5 cards and getting a 3/3 beast to replace it.

Another card Life’s Legacy would be akin to is Momentous Fall, an instant from Rise of the Eldrazi. That card also required you to sacrifice a creature, but it drew you cards in the same way and also gained you life equal to that creature’s toughness. It’s basically half of a Momentous Fall at Sorcery speed, but being only 2 mana can net you some serious advantage.

If you find a way to cast Life’s Legacy at Instant speed, this card would be super powerful. As it is, it’s a pretty cool effect, as card draw in Green is rare and precious. Dredge decks can definitely find a home for this card, as you want creatures in the graveyard anyhow. Killing off a Shadowborn Demon after its usefulness has ended for you to draw 5 cards to be able to then reuse it later This card also combos very well with Phytotitan, a 7/2 from this same set that actually comes back at the end of the turn tapped. Sacrificing a big Heroes’ Bane, the Hydra that can double its power and toughness for 2GG from Journey Into Nyx, would be a fun interaction, as well; alas it won’t happen in M15 Limited. In any case, plenty of Commander decks will be able to utilize this card quite effectively.

How would you use Life’s Legacy?

– Elspeth for the Win