After seeing Sliver Hive spoiled, I was just waiting for the first sliver to hit, and here it is!

The most important thing though – are the slivers old slivers or the new slivers? Sadly, this looks more like one of the newer slivers – some semi-humanoid with tentacles. Only time will tell what the rest of the slivers will end up looking like, though.

Now to talk mechanically. They’re sticking with the “you control” formatting, which honestly makes sense due to the way lords are templated now.

But, on to the actual card.

Constricting Sliver is a 3/3 Sliver for 5W that makes every sliver you play is part Banisher Priest – each sliver you control exiles a creature an opponent controls until that sliver leaves the battlefield. Very, very solid ability, but at 5W I feel it’s lackluster in standard where this is going to be playable, and I doubt that slivers will see a lot of play with something that high on the curve, if any will be seeing play at all.

I do see this seeing plenty of Sliver Commander play, however. A single white makes color fixing easy for this card, and 5 color has little problem getting to 6 mana. I personally just don’t see this card seeing play outside of casual play. I am glad to see we actually are getting slivers in the set and not just having a random sliver-related land in the set.

Just to quickly mention some synergies:

Frenetic Sliver, while terrible, may be able to simultaneously dodge removal and re-select targets with this creature.


Hibernation Sliver gives you the option to bounce any of your slivers to replay and re-select your targets without having to pay any mana costs.



Also, anything that makes sliver tokens is viable as it turns all of those tokens into removal. Sliversmith, Hive Stirrings, and Sliver Queen all come to mind.

Overall, I like this new sliver, and I hope it sees play somewhere, even if it’s just in Commander.

Until next time,