Some new common cards spoiled today over on MTG Salvation. Two of them are reprints, Razorfoot Griffin and Black Cat. There are also two new cards, Invasive Species and Miner’s Bane.


We haven’t seen Razorfoot Griffin in awhile – since Magic 2010 to be exact. The 2/2 flyer with First Strike is OK in Limited for 3W, especially at common. Nothing wrong with reprinting this.


Black Cat is a particularly popular card among Magic fans originally printed in Dark Ascension. The fact that it makes players discard a card at random when it dies is pretty useful. What makes it especially popular, however, is that it is a Zombie, meaning that it sees play in Zombie Tribal Commander decks. Also, it is a Cat.


Invasive Species is a 3/3 Insect for 2G. When it enters the battlefield, you return another permanent you control to its owner’s hand. The fact that it can be any permanent, a la Kor Skyfisher, makes this an intriguing card in Limited. Being able to reuse one of your lands if you don’t otherwise have a land-drop is always useful, and in some cases you may want to reuse an enter the battlefield effect here and there. It’s a good card at common if deployed properly.


Miner’s Bane is a big 6/3 brute of an Elemental for 4RR. It does have the ability to gain +1/+0 and trample until end of turn for 2R, and the effect to pump his power can be used multiple times in a turn. He’s a good late-game Limited beater, certainly. At common, what more can you ask for?

What do you think of these cards? When might you pick them in draft?

– Elspeth for the Win