While I didn’t grow up playing the Ultima series, I’m very familiar with the story line thanks to the SpoonyExperiment’s Ultima Retrospective.

Why do I mention Ultima? Because Richard Garriott, the designed of the above card, is Lord British, the creator of the Ultima series, and I’m very happy to see that Richard Garriott desgined a card for M15.

Shield of the Avatar is a 1 drop equipment with equip 2 that prevents X damage to the equipped creature from any one source, where X is the number of creatures you control, including the equipped creature.

Honestly, this is a very strong card. At worst it protects the equipped creature from a single damage, but one additional damage per creature you control. Certainly puts creatures like Typhoid Rats and Sedge Scorpion to shame, as their 1/1 status makes them useless – or just very good carriers for this card, allowing you to keep that deathtouch on the table.

The only real downside is that the card gives no buff at all, just protection – but what else can you really expect from a shield?

We are made stronger by those we fight for.

I also just love the flavor behind the card. The Avatar, your character in the Ultima series, is the representation of all good in humanity – and fights for the good of the people.

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