Illusory Angel is an excellent reprint from Planechase 2012 in the Magic 2015 Core Set. She saw some play in Legacy Mono-Blue Tempo decks for a few months. Since then she has mostly just seen play in Angel-themed Commander decks, as well as one of my personal favorite Commander decks, the Aura-based Bruna, Light of Alabaster deck. Now that she will be entering the realms of Standard and Modern, she could actually have somewhat of an impact on the meta-game.

Not only is she a 4/4 Flyer for 2U, but she’s only an uncommon, which is excellent for a Core Set. She does have the drawback of only being able to be cast if you cast another spell that turn. Of course, she can be put into play other ways, as well. She also has the typing of Angel Illusion, which is pretty cool. It’s hard for people to deal with 4/4 flyers even on Turn 4, and you would have the benefit of playing a card for one mana before her. She’s just good value for the mana cost.

Illusory Angel is good enough to see some Standard play in Tempo decks, and being that she only requires a single Blue mana in her casting cost, she is quite versatile. Modern decks may find a use for her, as well. She’s a great reprint that I’m glad to see entering Standard and Modern and becoming easier to acquire for those that want to play her in Commander.

– Elspeth for the Win